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Teoh Jou Yin Quora

So I have been tinkering around with Quora lately because I find that I tend to write better content in response to people asking questions.

I must say that I’ve been quite exasperated though, because a lot of the questions asked (particularly those to do with career advice in occupational therapy) generally require some form of context. Registration in each country is different. Entrance requirements for entry-level study in each country are also different. In fact, if you’re in places like the US or Canada – the licensing requirements in each state / province are different too!

So after answering yet another generic question with no context, I figured that people could use what I’ve got to say in this post. Maybe I can even just post the link onto questions so I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

How is someone to give a response to questions like these in the pic? The only way I can give a useful answer to these questions is if the asker explicitly stated where they plan to work / study. I think I know international occupational therapy pretty well, but without context it’s really hard to get anywhere.

So remember, particularly if you’ve got career / study specific questions to ask – context is everything! Context, context, context! The more tailored your questions are to your individual circumstances, the better chances for people to tailor their answers in response!


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